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Parenting during the first five years is certainly the most rewarding and enjoyable experience but also physically and emotionally demanding.

The kids of age 2-5 years do things as they like. This is because the children of this age are very innocent and know only the language of love and affection. They also have tremendous grasping power. As per the research on child psychology a child can grasp almost 50% of the knowledge of life.

Your child’s character is valued by how they behave to other people. Teachers are dealing with many children of different family backgrounds which have wide variety of characteristics. So they can understand the kid’s behavior and they can make changes that needed for a good person for the future societies growth.

Teachers can help your child by taking a close interaction to them and encouraging good study habits.

Medical Camp

We conduct a free medical camp for kids every three months, bringing in some of the best pediatricians in the state.